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About Xenon Technology

About Xenon Technology

About Us

Xenon Technology is Barcelona based team of multilingual sales and marketing professionals, Established in 2007 as an outsourced technologically advanced customer interaction center for financial companies, we have grown together with our clients.

About Xenon Technology :: Outsourcing

Our Focus

Today we represent top leading global companies in the Hi-Tech and financial services sector. We part of 3,000 satisfied employees worldwide. Currently, our primary focus is outsourcing, introductory, referral and sales conversion optimization services for online trading sector in the Hi-Tech and financial services arena.

About Xenon Technology :: grow with us

Grow With us

One of our main goals as a company is to build and maintain solid, long term relationships with our employees. As we believe this is a key factor to growth and mutually beneficial success. Join our team and build your career with us!

Our Vacancies

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Call Center Sales Team

Our Services

Xenon Technology provides a wide range of B2B services in support of financial companies, and we can customise our solutions to fit any business's needs.

  • Sales Process Management

    • Custom strategy planning, development and implementation
    • Conversion rate optimization, sales performance solutions
    • Retention

  • Marketing Process Management

    • Development of marketing campaigns for targeted audience
    • B2C leads generation
    • Translations (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, English, Spanish)
  • Sales Coaching and Consulting

    We provide tailor-made training packages for clients in various fields:

    • Sales Training
    • Webinars
    • Startup consultancy
    • Brand Management

  • Outsourced multi-language Marketing Campaigns

    Xenon Technology provides outsourced call center solutions that can benefit any company looking to make a mark in telesales or telemarketing. With our fully trained multilingual staff, we are confident that we can help your business grow efficiently and effectively

  • Product information

    We can provide the following service for your products:

    • Phone answering
    • Order taking
    • Sales closure
    • Subscription
    • Billing queries
    • Payment collection
    • Scheduling sales

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Outbound Calls - Call Center Services

With our unique approach and our high-level of expertise and experienced, our customers can be assured of quality services for outbound sales by our agents working from our call center. Our agents will increase your sales, penetrate new markets, follow up your mailings, develop good customer relationships in any country in the world and most importantly make your business a success.

Our Outbound Call Center Services

  • B2C and B2B Direct sales
  • Database Development and Market Research
  • Information gathering
  • Business welcome Call
  • Sales lead follow-up
  • Warm Calling Existing Clients
  • Sales Verification.

Reasons to Outsource your Sales and/or your Business Development efforts

We understand that you invest a lot in to your business and that your business is very important to you, With being so attached to your business there are times that you may not fully realize and see that your business does still need to grow and should grow, Utilizing the value of a third party like ourselves can be a key factor and is a main reason that many business owners are now looking to outsource their sales and/or business development to experts like ourselves, Why should you consider working with us?

Here is our unbiased view on the main benefits of outsourcing with us.

  • An Alternative Growth Strategy

    Your business may not have the capabilities or the know-how to train a full in house sales team or you may not have the functions needed to utilize and hire a long term sales team in house. Outsourcing your sales can be a fantastic alternative for growth within your business. So why would you want to do it yourself if there are better and easier options for you which provide you with a stronger sales stream.

  • Our focus in your business

    Our team is able to focus on your business and put all our attention and resources in to helping grow your business. If the most talented people are needed in order for your business to grow then that is where our attention would be.

  • We have a running system and experience

    Our management and team has already spent the time to develop systems and structures in order to help your business reach the next level. We have put a lot of efforts towards developing tactics and strategies in order to save you time and money. We also have the ability and knowledge of in-depth markets that are unavailable to your business.

  • We always keep up with trends

    As you are aware it is very difficult to stay on top of day to day changes within your industry. Therefore, our outsourced business development team that are already working day and night to ensure that any changes are getting our full attention and we can easily apply the benefits to your business as well.

  • We free up your time

    Obviously you are aware that coming up with new solutions to help grow your business can take a lot of time, perhaps time you do not have. Allowing a company like us to outsource your sales and business development means that you are free to utilize your time better in order to help your business in other areas.

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